Website Technical Difficulties

We’re aware that the official website ( is experiencing some weird glitches at the moment, including:

  • No image slideshow on the home page
  • No menu in mobile view
  • Inability to access news page
  • FAQs linking to their own pages instead of expanding like they should
  • Everything being fine while logged in, but once logged out it’s impossible to log back in
  • Potentially a broken application system - if you’ve tried to submit an application since the 22nd, it might not have gotten through, so make sure you try again once everything’s back up
  • Probably some more we haven’t found yet

We can fix this, but it relies on @Moopli having proper web access, which he doesn’t and won’t do until early September. This means that, for the moment, the website is to all intents and purposes in maintenance mode. Unfortunately this doesn’t bode well for newcomers, especially because some partial causes may have been two simultaneous traffic spikes. The alternative is to redirect the domain to a static page somewhere, which might work but at the same time might break everything permanently once back to normal.

So, in summary: website problems, will be fixed in early September, don’t post an application until after that.

Hmm, I think it was a traffic spike causing a memory overrun causing a crash of something. What confuses me is why the other pages still work… Maybe they’re cached?

I’ve managed to track down three traffic spike sources over the past few days, two of which happened simultaneously, which suggests that it was a memory issue.

Website fixed, still not sure what the heck happened with our js caching, but the site works now at least.

I think I found our traffic spike:

Know ye from whence it came?

Almost entirely from here: