Well Hello There!

Well hello there, Thrive!

My name is Jamie Ridding, otherwise known as Zuris. I have been following the development of Thrive for a while now, and am happy to have been able to join in on the creation of this project.

My main experience lies in JavaScript, though I also have experience in Ruby and Python; though I am willing to admit that said experience is lacking in the latter language. Regardless I do feel that I am able to pick up new programming languages as needed during my time here.

I am a student studying Computing Science for a Higher National Degree in the United Kingdom, and enjoy gaining new knowledge and being able to contribute to larger projects when I can, and it is my hope that my time here as a programmer will be a learning experience for myself. I am more than happy to be contacted if I am needed for something, and will try to help out in any way I can.

That’s really all I can think of to put here. If you wish to know more about me, please don’t hesitate to ask!

– Jamie Ridding.


Welcome to the team.

If you aren’t yet familiar enough with C++ and AngelScript to work on Thrive directly, you could help by improving the launcher, so far it’s all done by me. It has a separate issue list:

There are quite a few issues there that would make the experience of playing Thrive better for players.

There’s also a bug reporting website for Thrive (it’s written in ruby) that I’ve been working on, but haven’t had enough time to get more than the absolute basic functionality working:

There’s a ton of features that I’m planning on making at some point: storing bug reports there and notifying us developers, log in with dev forum or community forum credentials (this would be for patreon or similar supporters) and access dev builds that would automatically be uploaded there.