Working through the Sound Effect Checklist


And without any further wait:

I basically re-did the first sound from above but with a more ‘professional’ tone. In short I made it sound more like the windows system sounds than something from Mario, of course it’s a playlist so decide which one you like best I guess.



Hahahaha, they’re funny, I like them! So windows.
The first sounds like a “log out” sound, the second like a “YOU HAVE A MESSAGE” thing, the third like a smart-TV menu sound, the 4th ACTUALLY sounds negative (like a desactivation of something), the 5th is like an “login/message” hybrid (it works for both things), and the 6th sounds again to “desactivation thingy”.
Pretty cool!

Oh! yes, saturation is one of the basic processes in which you can modify sound, i dont know exactly what it is (i am not a technician), but it’s some sort of compression. Basically, if you saturate a sound, what you’re doing is distorting (which is compressing in a certain way) the frequencies and obviously making a more complex, rich sound plate. Saturating works for making sounds sound (ohhh yes, redundancy) more agressive and with more body/presence.
For example it is extremely used at hardstyle kicks.

well, i have to go!


Well I’ve given quite a few sounds so they should be useful somewhere! Still working on a ‘bad-click’… probably go back to an actually ‘clicky’ sound (like castanets).


May I suggest something for the bad click? Perhaps you could try, instead of going down in pitch on the second note, play the same pitch on the second note?