Working through the Sound Effect Checklist


The official sound effect checklist can be found here

I'll start working on the sound effects one by one and will post them each on my soundcloud as I make them. Taking into consideration schoolwork and other stuff the sounds will probably come out twice a week or so.

Finalized sounds will have the organism cover, whilst outdated and now-mundane ones will have the planet cover. If a sound is requested to be reworked, then I’ll upload the new sound and change the cover on the old sound to the planet one so people know it’s been updated.

These are the ones I will work on:

Agent Secretion…[Complete] [Reworked]
Agent Damage…[Complete] [Reworked]
Agent Inhibition…[In Progress]
Button Click Unavailable
Button Hover/Click
Endocytosis Success
Insufficient Mutation Points…[Complete]
Microbe Bonding
Microbe Death
Microbe Division
Microbe-Microbe Collision
Microbe-Surface Collision
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Organelle Collection
Pilus Stab 1…[Complete]
Pilus Stab 2…[Complete]
Selection/Placement Invalid
Surface-Surface Collision

The ones I left out are the ones that require something a little musical, which I’ll leave to the composers. If there are any special requests, feel free to let me know. Same goes for if you don’t like a sound or want to request changes,


Great to hear!

Bear in mind we have some of the sounds already, but they could be replaced by better versions. Listen to the ones in-game.

Here are my thoughts on the two you’ve completed so far:

The agent damage sound is pretty good, but I actually think it would be better suited to agent secretion. Also we don’t have to stick to entirely realistic soundscapes - movement, ambience and collisions should certainly be subdued and watery, as they would be underwater in a tidepool - but things like agent damage can be relatively musical because there isn’t a sound for them naturally and we want the player to be aware of it happening. Listen to the organelle pickup sound already in the game, courtesy of @Madero - it certainly isn’t realistic, but it works really well because the player knows something important has happened when they hear it.

I have to say I’m not overly keen on your agent secretion sound, but I’ll wait for some other opinions first. For one thing, it should probably last a little longer and not be quite so in-your-face, because you’ll be secreting agents a lot and hearing that sound over and over again might get annoying.


I’m no sound guy so don’t put much weight in my opinion. I like the idea of agent damage being sizzling, like acid burning through something or bacon cooking, that is something I heard in what you did and I liked that about it.


I agree that the agent secretion could be redone, listening back now I feel it sounds too cartoonish and fake. I’ll redo that one and make it more like agent damage, but I think I’ll leave agent damage as it is as I’ve gotten some positive feedback for it.


After a lot of time without contributing anything to this project (since I have been working on 2 albums at the same time and other musical stuff for the last months (still working on the albums huehue)) I made this 2 possible sounds in a few minutes for insufficient mutation points due to that I looked to the sound effects list and this sound attracted/interested me.

Tell me what do you prefer :wink: :




1 sounds a little bit harsher than 2, which I think is necessary or it may go unnoticed. Can I add it to the soundcloud page? I’ll give you full credit


Sure! don’t worry :smiley:


I can’t play them for some reason. Could you try and post just the links? Add hyperlinks to the link text to make sure they don’t auto-embed (I think that’ll work).



Now? #2

Yep, it works.


Thanks. It’s up now.


Now I made 2 pilus stab sounds (here and here), I had to read the wikipedia page because I didn’t know what a pilus was and I had to really imagine how would it sound.
Again tell me guys who do you prefer or how to make it better. :smiley:

PS: Maybe, as the second has more bass and it’s more aggressive, we could put the two sounds in the game, each one triggering depending on the intensity? idk


I think the difference between the two is a little too hard to hear, so i’ll intensify the second one a little and upload them both to the soundcloud. Great work btw!

P.S I also just reworked the Agent Damage sound, check out the new one. I sounds less like meat frying and more like an acid burn.

P.S.S I just uploaded them both, I added a little kick to the second one, they both sound great.

P.S.S.S It’s pretty much a 50/50 collaboration between me and you now, so I changed the name of the soundcloud page. I think it would be easier for use to communicate with PMs now, and @Oliveriver can check out our progress on the soundcloud page now and then and offer suggestions. Let me know if you want anything changed.


I think you could put in the sounds I made my nickname between parenthesis (so I won’t forget what sounds I did xD), and if the sound is a collab (like the pilus stab 2) then explain it. It would be cool if it were correctly classified :smiley: sorry im a bit OCD


I’ve kind of done what you’ve said with the soundcloud page, it’s more clear who has made what now. PM me any sounds you make in the future and i’ll do the same to you, then we can discuss and edit them more easily.


I’m glad you guys are getting into this. Good work.


Just going to shove this little sound out there:

For the unavailable-click, clicking something you can’t.

I don’t know, just something that could be useful, I guess?


oh… hi
sorry for the inactivity, y’know, doing things and stuff

well bobze, i see your new here (at least its the first time i see you, idk), welcome!

The sound you made is nice but too nintendo-ish for this game imo, i was thinking of a 1-tone more than a 2-tone sound (not too cartoony) would be better for the type of game is being constructed


Okay , so I’ve really made this quick sound. It’s for a click so I made it sound exactly like that; A click. So without any more buildup, here it is:

This is a gerneral click, if you like it then do as you please with it (except claiming it as your own, that would make you a mental patient to want claim to this :expressionless: )

Anyway, there you go!


i mean, it sounds clicky, but not BAD, and its very dry, has no tone, if you could insert a saturated very low note right at the tail of the click, it would add the bad-ish feel
… well… i kinda want to do it by myself, if i just could download that clickitty-click-sound…
if it doesn’t bother you you just could let me download le click click sound
…oooor if you are brave enough make what i say by yourself… it will be fun, i guarantee it :wink:


I will try that and post the results, it may sound pretty similar to the first one (especially since i have no clue (or common sense) to what ‘saturated’ means, but i’ll guess).
Okay, one audio file coming up!