Yaşlı (Yashlaw) - Game Designer

Hello Everyone! My name is Yaşlı (Yashlaw). I have been accepted to be a game designer. I am currently getting my Degree in Astrospace Engineering. As A hobby I love making board and video games and I hope to be a valuable asset to create engaging and fun mechanics that will help teach the coming generations. I am excited to join and help this Community!


Welcome to the team! Glad to have more game designers on board!

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Glad to welcome another game designer here! Buckly is the team lead, though he might be inconsistently available for the next few months due to college.

If you have any questions about where existing concepts are, the logic behind certain decisions, or questions about the underlying design philosophy for Thrive, feel free to ping me at any moment. We all bring our own perspectives, decisions, and opinions to design here (I’m big picture but tend to glance over small details :crazy_face:), so I’d love to know how you approach things.

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Welcome! If you need some ideas on what to work on, the other design team members can help you out, just ask @Deus or @Buckly.