0.6.2 Release Planning

Release planning time is here again with 0.6.1 out.

A bit differently this time I’m not going to really add anything “new” as last release was the first one with the 0.6.x roadmap items added. And those didn’t get done yet so I just rolled them forward for the next release. Once we start to run out of them, it’ll be time to add more stuff from the roadmap to the milestones. We did get 3 roadmap items done this release, which shows a bit of a slow pace but I had to work on various other stuff without focusing on those.

I’ve created the milestone already and it has a couple of things in it: Release 0.6.2 Milestone · GitHub

Well I did put in one pretty serious display bug that just got reported into it: Photosynthetic organelles tooltips randomly don't update correctly on patch change · Issue #4139 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

Before deciding on the date to publish the release, I want to ask if Fridays might be better release days than Saturdays. Any thoughts on that?

As for about when 0.6.2 would come out, I’d like to get 2 releases out before me taking a summer vacation in July. So the schedule would be 0.6.2 in 9-ish weeks and then 0.6.3 in 8-ish weeks. So the releases would be a bit more bunched up than before. Another option would be 0.6.2 in May and then a really hampered release (with me taking time off and before that working on the logic rewrite) in August. I think it’s better to squeeze the two releases a bit instead. And then have 0.6.3 be a (more) normally timed release in September with one last release of the year again in early December.

Based on that getting back to the question of the release time. Here’s the days (and times) when the release and release livestream could be (I assume we’d want to keep the release streams on the same day as the release):

  1. 2023-04-28T17:00:00Z this is the first Friday time
  2. 2023-04-28T18:00:00Z
  3. 2023-04-28T19:00:00Z
  4. 2023-04-28T05:00:00Z
  5. 2023-04-28T06:00:00Z and up to multiple following hours
  6. 2023-04-28T11:00:00Z and basically up from here all the way to option 1
  7. The usual earlier time (on Saturday), 2023-04-29T18:00:00Z
  8. The old usual time, 2023-04-29T19:00:00Z
What times would be good?
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As for what I’ll be working on, I’ll be fixing some smaller stuff first next week or maybe two weeks. Then I want to get some progress in for the prototypes. After that I’ll start working on the game logic rework. I hope to time things so that 0.6.2 would at least have those smaller fixes / improvements and the prototype work. Then for 0.6.3 the logic rework would hopefully be done. I expect there to be quite a lot of bugs and slightly differently working features. So probably a separate public test build will be warranted of that.

Feel free to let everyone know what you plan on working on (I’ll put stuff in the milestone ones PRs for things are opened) and what you think of the schedule suggestion.


I’m continuing to work on my membrane & intercellular matrix PR

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I likely will be a bit less active this release cycle as I focus on some real-life obligations I want to squash. Something I’ll try to do is make a cell-upgrade matrix, organizing potential upgrades by the mechanics they would be dependent on (so grouping environmental tolerance upgrades together and stuff like that). This can help us understand how we can flesh out the upgrade system now, and could help our programmers know what to focus on next with that system. Part of this will include nailing out a list of environmental tolerance adaptations, which should result in a sort of resolution of that entire topic in preparation for future upgrades.

Beyond that, I’m not planning much, and the rest of my activity will probably be bursts of inspiration. I’ll try to be available for some testing.

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I may get back into squashing some of the piling issues and make pull request for random small features, while of course continuing with the multiplayer prototype.

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Not many people voted on the release timing, but it’s starting to look like Friday and Saturday at the usual time are equal. Anyone want to tip the balance? If not, I guess we can have the next release be Saturday as well like usual.

Yea i think that releasing on Saturday is a good idea

Looks like Saturday is winning the poll, so let’s not change the release day of week for now.

I’ve set the 0.6.2 milestone to be due on 29th of April.