0.6.7 Release Planning

We skipped quite a few release planning threads due to the ECS rework and Godot 4 upgrade taking so much time that it didn’t really make sense to talk about working on new features. That is now over so we can once again look to planning out future features.

I’ve already created the 0.6.7 milestone and filled it with leftover issues:

I set a tentative release date for that to be June 15th so that my work that I’m going to do before my summer break can be put out instead of being delayed by a month. Also if there are major issues with 0.6.6 that can be fixed a patch release might need to be made in the next week or two (so far there’s one report that the game doesn’t work at all: broken :: Thrive General Discussions)

Besides that there’s the roadmap to pick out things from:

I think I’ll want to fix a few pretty major visible bugs left over in 0.6.6 that got reported after the release (and not caught in the RC), but then I’ll want to get at least a couple of major new features done:

  • Endosymbiosis lite
  • Day/night enabled by default
  • And maybe if there is time: toxin system rework

For the endosymbiosis lite and toxin rework, I’d like to have some summarizing happen on the forums where we could work out a satisfying but contained way to implement those feature ideas. This needs to happen pretty soon, maybe as early as next week so that I can start working on the new features.

So what is everyone planning on working on for the next release?


I want to say that I want to do at least some of the major features but I don’t know if my skill is enough to do it. I’ll just see if I’ll be able to at least start with anything and let you know.

Also for other items on roadmap like combat balancing or scavenging balancing, we can ask community for ideas/opinion on what could be tweaked, if they wish to volunteer.


I’ll be able to spurn conversation about endosymbiosis and the agent system. As we discussed on the podcast, concepts are pretty robust: it’s just about what is easiest and considerations between passive and active unlock mechanics. I should be able to make a post soon, maybe within a day or two. From there, I’ll see what else people need designs on immediately.


You may see a new Microbe theme from me. I’ve been pretty busy but that’s calmed down somewhat now


Wanted to note this to any programmers besides hh that are looking for inspiration.

I think it would be cool if non-linear size-related costs (Size & Osmoregulation) are implemented before reaching 0.7. And if someone is in the mood, calculating surface area to volume ratios (Implement Surface Area to Volume Ratio · Issue #4433 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub).

Not a deadline or an urgent thing at all, but I think it would be solid if most of our part/attribute related features are implemented before reaching other aspects of Thrive.

Do reach out and let everyone know if you want to tackle either of this concepts. They still need some refinement and review before implementation, so I can focus on finalizing the topics.