0.6.8 / 0.7.0 Release Planning

Here’s the release planning thread for the next release. I forgot to make this for a few days.

I’ve finally managed to fix a bug with (there’s now one confirmation that this works) older CPUs failing even though they had SSE 4.2:

The problem was compiling our native code targeting Sandybridge microarchitecture so the C++ compiler automatically optimized things with more advanced instructions. Compiling the no-AVX library variant targeting Nehalim microarchitecture fixes the issue.

So I feel like it’d be pretty nice to put out a patch tomorrow before I leave for vacation. One slight concern I have is that the release might have some bugs with the re-enabled Harmony mod support, which I’d only have one day to fix.

Thoughts? Should I make that patch release?

Back to the next proper release, it’s likely going to be the completion of the 0.6.x release milestone items so it might be named 0.7.0 if everything completes on schedule.

As a reminder here’s the roadmap items still left:

As can be seen, there isn’t actually that much keeping us from 0.7.0.

I plan on tackling the feature to switch to a related species on game over, but many of the other ones I’d like help with balancing and making.

Here’s the release milestone I’ve created and pre-filled with leftover issues:

Right now I’m thinking that late August early September would be when the next release is.

So what is everyone else planning to work on? And is that patch a good idea?

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I’ll be available for help on any concepts needing immediate attention, though the latter end of July is going to be pretty busy for me.

If any programmer is looking for features not immediately focused on by the road map to work on, I recommend these:

Especially the non-linear osmoregulation since that is an older concept. I think these two fit nicely with .6’s focus on parts and editor mechanics.

Furthermore, if anyone wants to further focus on combat, do let me know.

Here are some things I’ll be focusing on:

  • New phosphate chunks
  • Organelle visual and efficiency improvements
  • New damage effects
  • New sulphur chunks
  • More new icons

I’ve not been too active recently but here’s what I want to get done for next version:

  • Finish Thriveopedia update
  • Port sprinting PR to new version and finish it
  • (maybe) Extended Thermoplast gameplay
  • (maybe) further diversification of gameplay between food sources

I might also do some combat stuff too (e.g. Injectisome working with new toxin types and stuff like that)


These two would be extremely nice as there’s one work item for me that is blocked by needing to get that ThriveScriptsShared merged in. And sprinting will prevent 0.7.0 being released, so it’d be nice to get that existing work finished so that I don’t have to redo it when the time comes that it might be the last issue holding up 0.7.0 release.

I currently just want to get the Miche prototype done, and we will see from there.


i’ll focus on finishing the Panspermia (and perhaps the tidepool) starting cutscenes. And then i’ll be available to help any other team members if they need anything.