A concept I had for the space stage involving ancient civilizations and the ascension gate


There isn’t a lot present currently, but if people are interested in what some of the texts you could come across, I’ll provide some examples.

I posted this on the general forums, but want to put it here so all the devs can look at it easier. Also if this is in the wrong category, I am sorry.

Would people like an example of what the text could be like?

You are better off in engaging discussion about a very far future part of the game on the community forums.

I put it there as well. I just wanted to make sure there was a place for the devs as well to discuss it.

I have added an example of a text one may encounter from the point of view of one of the last Disturbed to live, post Ascension Gate activation. I will also past the text here for those who don’t feel safe clicking on links.

So this is the sky our ancestors saw before the light pollution and aerial traffic. Their dreams came true and we reached and conquered those stars and worlds. Interacted with life beyond our imagination. Yet now our kind number less than a hundred if not less than 10. The Ascension Gate was successfully used and most of us left this reality for whatever lies beyond that gate. A small number had to stay behind to close the gate. I was one of them. It wasn’t a walk in the park for anyone. The civilian convoy was under constant attack from civilizations that despised us for constructing the gate. I watched so many vessels become engulfed in flame. Not even I was spared from being attacked. The gate had already been shut off and I boarded my personal craft to go home. A Qu fighter came after my craft and shot out my engines. I lost consciousness during the crash and came to in the city I grew up in, but completely abandoned and silent, save for the sounds of animals.

How long has it been now since I wrote my first entry here? Years? Decades? I’ve lost track of time a while back. I salvaged my downed craft and found that the radio still functioned and I could pick up messages from across the galaxy. I heard about the unrest among the other civilizations believed to be an effect of the Ascension Gate’s activation. Not that long ago my eyes were drawn to the heavens as a massive explosion emanated from where the Ascension Gate had loomed in the sky. Someone had tried to activate it a second time and suffered the consequence of doing so. Oh yes, there is something I should mention. We suffered 14 horrible catastrophes at the hands of rogue, deranged members of our own kind. Each embodied different features of nature. None of them ever succeeded in destroying our civilization, but I have grown to fear the true reason for the Ascension Gate’s existence. I fear it was a trap by those Herrschers to get our kind to destroy ourselves and all civilizations in an attempt to become omnipotent. Oh what have we done? Is the Ascension Gate a trap as I have begun to fear or have these years of isolation finally made me go mad? I already know I am the last of the Disturbed for the rest were shot down or hunted down by bounty hunters. When my time comes, out species will be no more, but at least I can say that we, the Disturbed, thrived and left a mark upon the universe.