I can’t stop making things!
Here are some achievement icons, based on Oliver’s suggestions on this thread.

Imgur album link:


These look very nice! I would like to point out that only a few of the suggestions on the achievements thread are…viable. Most of them are either so specific that the game won’t simulate to that level (e.g. resisting the urge to make a genital monster), are obscure and overly self-indulgent references (e.g. Wayward’s ASOIF themed lists), are so easy to get they shouldn’t be achievements (e.g. my achiever, metachiever, etc. set) or just generally don’t have much of a point.

My first post was a conscious effort to make achievements that circumvent those issues, so good job starting there I guess. For the rest of them, be discerning about which ideas deserve consideration.

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Yeah, I wasn’t planning on making every single achievement on there anyway, only the ones that seemed viable.

EDIT: I added some new icons - What Now, Shish-Kebab, Apex, and the three Disco ones - and also tweaked some old icons to make them a bit nicer.
Check the album in the original post.