Can we gather all the prototypes together and release them for download in a single folder

So i was reminissing and looked back into the old canadaboard forums and moddb for prototypes, i now have a link with the five prototypes there that are still downloadable, all exe files. I think it would be interesting for us to get together all the prototypes we can that have been made for thrive and release them to be downloaded, or plop them in a prototype folder in the thrive folder for the next release for people to play with (or at least the four or five best made ones)

Heres the current link, can we compile a list of them all and post the links we find here so i can get them all together (this includes the python ones, i think it would be a nice treat to include them in the download for 0.4.0. In there own folder.)

Specifically, i would like to find links for the Unity ones, there were 2 or 3 really good prototypes made in unity. I cant find them.

There are 5 here. I have scanned them all with several anti-virus programs, and they are good…

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