Can we make the cell processes dialog smaller

It’s occupying too much space that you don’t want to open it at all.

It can be moved around the screen with the mouse. Also even the current minimum width is not wide enough:

The min height of the processes panel could be reduced a little bit but a fully kitted out cell almost fills it up.

Wherever you moved it to it covers a lot of things. (Maybe make it a little more transparent?)

You can scroll it when one screen cannot display all the processes.

As for aerobic nitrogen fixation, I think we can remove those environmental conditions, as has been indicated in Environment panel.

If Process input amounts are confusing when process can't run · Issue #2295 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub is done then the environment section is required to show what the environmental values need to be for the process to run at max speed.

Having just the process panel be more transparent is extra work and requires a separate theme for it. Right now it is just as transparent as the other panels as it uses the shared theme.