Code of Conduct

I decided to make a code of conduct for contributing to Thrive based off of Contributor Covenant. I removed a lot of stuff I deemed unnecessary. I’d like to see everyone’s input, on what to add/remove/change, or your overall thoughts on having a code of conduct.

Thrive Contributor Code of Conduct

Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to a positive environment for our community include:

  • Demonstrating empathy and kindness toward other people
  • Being respectful of differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences
  • Giving and gracefully accepting constructive feedback
  • Accepting responsibility and apologizing to those affected by our mistakes, and learning from the experience
  • Focusing on what is best not just for us as individuals, but for the overall community

Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

  • The use of sexualized language or imagery, and sexual attention or advances of any kind
  • Trolling, insulting or derogatory comments
  • Public or private harassment
  • Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting


Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported to the community leaders responsible for enforcement at All complaints will be reviewed and investigated promptly and fairly.

All community leaders are obligated to respect the privacy and security of the reporter of any incident.


This Code of Conduct is adapted from the Contributor Covenant, version 2.0, available at

Community Impact Guidelines were inspired by Mozilla’s code of conduct enforcement ladder.

For answers to common questions about this code of conduct, see the FAQ at Translations are available at


Though our github community is rather small, I think it’s nice to have a basic code of conduct as a start. It adds that officialness feeling to it I guess, and could always be improved upon as the community grows.

Maybe for the content also add what hhyyrylainen suggested such as not taking code reviews personally, but other than that it seems good.

That email address is wrong.


Other than that one addition, I don’t have comments.