Combat in 0.4.0, turning ideas into gameplay

I think some of these questions are answered here. Yes every cell should have 100hp. I think it will be weird and not the right system but I think it’s a good starting place for iteration. I don’t think we’re ready to change toxins into clouds yet, the problems with doing so are outlined here.

The question on how a pilus should work is an interesting one. If you put the point of a pilus inside another cell what should happen? Should it only take off health when entering another cell or can you leave it sitting in the cell and have it’s health go down slowly over time?

Can you just hold the pilus inside the other cell or is there a force which pushes it out when it does damage?

A spear thrust in a regular game kind of gives a small window of time when you can hurt people after pressing a button, should we have something like that or just have a pilus be a static thing like a spike trap?

I’m open to suggestions on this and am happy to try any implementation to see what it feels like.

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