Deus - Game Design

Hello all,

Happy to be here! Some of you guys might recognize me from the forums.

I’m joining as another voice helping with game design, identifying ways to improve certain mechanics and providing input on the best next steps to take based on where the game is currently. Focus is essential in a project this massive, so hopefully I can help with that. I don’t have any formal experience in game design - I’m here solely based on the trust you guys have put in me from our interactions on the community forums, and I am honored. I hope that I can make things as easy for you guys as possible.

I am about to graduate with a political science degree, and have began taking masters classes for public administration, which I will pursue immediately after college (it’s a weird program). I deal a lot with matters related to organizational structure, so perhaps that’ll be useful here in productivity and efficiency; and in 40 years when we get to the civ stages, I’ll become a theorist :).

Finals season is going, but after that, I’m pretty set. I’m looking forward to working with y’all!


Welcome to the team, Deus!

You’ve wrote some great feedback and thoughts on the community forums already, so I’m really enthusiastic about having you among us! :wink: Hope you’ll enjoy the stay!

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Looking forward to your designs on how we can improve the game. I do want to say here, though, that due to our limited resources big reworks are, well, difficult. Just to try to manage expectations a bit. So if you can find less programming time requiring tweaks that improve the game, those would be awesome.

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Congratulations on your commission; your name is already well known around here :slight_smile:

If you want something to sound off on before architecting any grand plans, you may have already seen this thread: Game Design Discussion


Of course; I was planning to tone it down for a while and watch how you guys approached things from a design perspective before I thought of suggestions that went off the walls. I approached the game purely from a fan’s perspective on the community and there are now obviously some constraint I need to consider, as is the nature with open-sourced projects and development as a whole I’m sure.

I’ll keep the syllables and character count short until some point in the future where it is warranted. :zipper_mouth_face: