Differentiating Microbe Biomes


Now that all the new compounds are implemented (though gameplay wise we cant test much as compound clouds arent working perfectly just yet) , and oxygen and c02 percentages all per biome, someone can go ahead and tweak the biome json, add a cave biome etc. To accomplish some differentiation. If they want more numbers to work with ill gladly add them. (such as microbe spawn chances/bacterial spawn chances per biome etc. which are all currently generalized)

For exmaple tidepools/algae bloom may have higher bacteria chances, while abyss would have less microbes and bacteria overall, but that variable isn’t in the json yet so if someone wants me to add it i would :slight_smile: ) We do need some people brainstorming this though

Also, backgrounds


At least any major differentiation has to wait until cells don’t randomly spawn in some biome.

If those don’t screw over the player randomly (my point about the random spawn biome above was about this) I think they can be done, but focus for the next few releases should be in other things.


Im mostly worried about background stuff rn :stuck_out_tongue: .
But it is a good time for some experimentation i think in the next few releases. Also i think the bacteria spawn too often in general now after playing with the incomplete version alot over the past few months.


@Minegamer117 has been working on new biome backgrounds , in terms of new biomes for this release:

Ice shelf

Are all being added:

In terms of finished backgrounds:
New Abyss Background
Partial: Ice Shelf

For the next release we still need
New ocean
New shallow ocean (I think this may be a new biome too)
New algae bloom (though I personally want to Get rid of this biome since not all planets will have algae in the normal sense)
New vents

Hopefully we will have all these done before release

On another point for differentiation of biomes, I have improved on this for release aswell:
Each biome now has ambient color that varies (though it’s hardly noticeable and only really effects new organelles for now)

Each biome now has variables for dissolved oxygen and co2 percentages

They have also had varying compound concentrations for awhile


Sounds good.

I agree Algal Bloom is a bit problematic, is there anyone who is very keen on it?


I think that, until we have completely proper biomes and the game knows when it should and shouldn’t include the algal bloom, we should keep the biome, because it adds variety and doesn’t really hurt much at the moment. Once biomes are fully figured out, the bloom could be used whenever you’re in a shallow ocean with a high photosynthesizer count, for instance, as discussed in this thread.


Still waiting on new backgrounds from @Minegamer117

But we have til release so it’s fine


I made some backgrounds!



Hydrothermal Vent

There’s more to come, I just thought I’d post these here

EDIT: Added spoilers and in-game screenshots (note that the backgrounds will probably look different from these screenshots in 0.4.0 due to engine and shader differences and stuff
Ah dammit, now the images aren’t showing up
(screw it, removing the spoilers)


Is that hydrothermal vent the same one you posted on slack? It looks brighter


Yeah, it should be the same. The backgrounds are all darker in 0.3.4 though


Those are really good :slight_smile: great work.


More backgrounds!

Shallow Ocean:


Also, here’s the individual layers of each of my backgrounds so far, all of them 2048x2048 (the requested dimensions were 1024x1024, so let me know if you want me to resize them)


Layer 0 (base)
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3


Layer 0 (base)
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3

Hydrothermal Vent

Layer 0 (base)
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3

Shallow Ocean

Layer 0 (base)
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3


Layer 0 (base)
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3


Fantastic! I cant wait to see those ingame


Alright time to download these and put them in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks good but i think we still have stretching issues unfortunately


@Narotiza i also halved teh size, (because the size we wanted was half) Does that look right to you?
BTW slack is out of storage spaceill see if i can try to reduce stretching (if we hav estrtching, does thta looked stretched?)


I fixed the stretching