Donation campaign results summary (2021)

We had a donation collection campaign going from 11.7.2021 to 11.9.2021.
Here’s an overall summary of how that went.

(I’ll use comma as decimal separator in the numbers, as I’ll copy-paste from some stuff from spreadsheets directly)


Total donations through Paypal: 893,98€
Donations through bank transfers: 20,00€


Description Amount
PRH registry request (needed for application) -3,22 €
processing fee for the donation campaign application -55,00 €
bank fees -2,00 €
bank fees -2,56 €
bank fees -3,46 €
bank fees -6,10 €
Paypal fees -48,30 €


Use Amount
Reimbursements of server rent fees 103,35 €
Part of August salary related fees 138,88 €
September salaries 425,32 €
Part of September salary related fees 95,37 €
Partial payment of September’s (newly acquired) server costs 30,42 €


Total donations: 913,98€
Total costs: 120,64€
Total money used for the lined out purpose in the donation campaign: 793,34€

(Initially the numbers didn’t add up, but luckily today the closing bank statement for the account was ready and I was able to find that I had forgotten to add this month’s bank fees to the costs table)

Huge thanks to everyone who donated!
We’ll probably do this again sometime in the future, but not very soon as it was quite a lot of work to make this happen. And getting itch and Steam releases out are much higher priority items on my agenda.