Easter Eggs

Thought I’d make a topic for this to help organise things.

I’d like to add some very simple Easter egg spawns for the next release (I’ve just added an option for them in new game settings, although for the moment it does nothing). My intention is that there’s a random chance to spawn an Easter egg in a given patch, and ideally I can do something with the spawn system to make sure each only spawns once per game.

Some ideas I have for what these could be:

  • A cell from Spore. Something easily recognisable like this. It wouldn’t move or do anything, it would just be a static object in the environment, a bit like the iron chunks.

  • A hexagon cell. Specifically, the starting player cell from Thrive 0.2.4, as seen here. The flagella would be from the current game, coloured blue, but I would need a model for the body. The flagella would animate, but otherwise this is another static object.

I could add more if there’s time, but for now I think these two should be enough. So I’d need a Spore cell model and a hexagon cell body model at some point soon.

I can work on a spore cell model! I could even animate it if you’d like! ^^

Also the spore link is broken.

Huh, weird that the link’s broken. It worked for me. I’ve changed it now.

Animations would be great, but I’d rather have something that looks good and doesn’t move than something which doesn’t have nice-looking animations. So go ahead, but don’t make it a priority if it’s not working.

Alright! I’ll work on it when I get home. :}