End game, accession, and all that jazz

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Hh had talked about the end game ascension, and if it would even be a good idea. He preposed the idea of descending instead, with an added bonus.

I think we could do a bit of both, in a really satisfying way. So, with all that out of the way, here’s my idea:

Basically, there are these god like beings that exist. One would be for war, another might be for diplomacy, one might be for speed, etc etc. There would probably be around 8 in total. Each of these gods has an achievement connected to it.

Ex: If you ally 20 alien species, or countries, etc, you please the god of diplomacy, giving you an achievement, but players won’t know that achievements matter until the reach these gods.

So how do you? Well, there’s coordinates littered throughout the thrive universe, on planets, leading you towards signals to other coordinates. These would be around 8 pillars, all of different broken statues, relating to each god. These statues give hints on what each according god would want.

After following all these coordinates, you reach a black hole, but it doesn’t look like other black holes. It’s shinier, more interesting looking. You go in, and are greeted by these 8 gods.

So, depending on how you played, you please the gods with a corresponding achievement! This leads to different dialogue, and different rewards for the player. After descending, those who please the war god will have a stronger attack. Those who speed ran the game would please the god of speed, and double their speed, etc.

Basically, the gods will have you descend (if you’d like) with rewards, and you can keep playing on that one game, until you get all 8 achievements. This will grant you accession. To be a god among them, and to puppet the universe to your liking.

But yeah that’s just my idea. Had it rattling around in my brain, and I wanted to share it with you guys! See what you think! ^^

My suggestion was what to do basically after the player gets bored. Sort of like a new game+ option to add more gameplay for people who aren’t tired of the game yet.

Overall this idea seems kind of like quests, or something like that? Which hasn’t been really an idea related to Thrive. Overall these seem more like things that would be just achievements. Thrive isn’t like planned to be a game with a story at all, so this goes against that.

Maybe Lock Non-LAWK behind new-game+ (With an option to disable things being locked behind New Game+)

Ah gotcha- It does run into that grey area of story- I’d argue it’s more an easter egg seeing how you play? Maybe we could scrap the coordinates entirely. The question is then how will the player get to ascend to god status, or descend back to the beginning…

Maybe maybe… a semi “”story”” mode I guess-

A bit of a fantasy version of thrive, with more leeway.

I don’t think we should lock LAWK like that. I’ve been thinking that instead maybe the freebuild editors would be locked until the game is completed.

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