Environmental diffusion

I am creating a thread for this since one doesn’t seem to exist yet for this topic.

So like for the great oxidation event:
One of the largest problems with this is how quickly it happens.
Also: Does it start once any species evolves photosynthesizing organelles in a lit patch?

We would likely have to create a formula that takes the total number of photosynthetic individuals and a multiplier that would determine their rate of oxygen production (The amount of oxygen byproduct produced by the organelle) to calculate the overall increase of oxygen, which would be added to the patch statistics. On top of this we would perhaps need a method of diffusing the produced oxygen to other patches slowly.

We may need help from the @Theory team. I’d say that patches have a limit on how much of a given compound is in them untill it starts spreading. In the case of oxygen, it would immediatelly react with anything in the environment, be it gases or iron for example. So a saturation limit may be needed before compounds concentrations start increasing and spreading to nearby biomes.

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