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Hey guys, I had announced it in discord a while ago but I just wanted to recite it here: I am retiring from mainline Thrive development and instead working on an experimental fork.

I’m going to put all my changes in PRs for anyone who might want to look at them (Pull requests · adQuid/Thrive · GitHub), but I would advise just salvaging the code you want to take over instead of trying to cherry-pick commits or do other git magic. I will be maintaining lower standards both in terms of code quality and history maintenance, so you might end up with more than you bargained for.

If this forum post can count as my written permission to use my work from my fork in the upstream repository of Thrive, you have my written permission to use my work from my fork in the upstream repository of Thrive. If anyone makes a PR against my fork things might start to get more complicated, but we’ll cross that bridge in the unlikely event we get there.

I still intend to be on the discord and all that good stuff, and I’ve made a community forum thread for any chatter my version of Thrive might generate. I look forward to seeing what fans think of my takes on features we’ve been talking about for months!


Sometimes the best thing to do when the conversation stalls is anything at all, even if we aren’t completely sure about the action. So seeing some ideas playing out on a screen would absolutely be helpful in times of gridlock. I’m glad you’re still staying close to Thrive despite your retirement, and I’m looking forward to see what whacky stuff pops up on your canvas.

Oh this is very interesting, I playtested it for a bit, I particularly like the tutorial sequences you got going on, very engaging and player-friendly I’d say. Also, cillia pulling things toward you when engulfing is something that I should have been adding to the engulf revamp, don’t why it didn’t crossed my mind. Obviously, looking forward for more gameplay innovations that come up with this, I’ll probably take a thing or two.

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