Freebuild mode spitballing thread

A way to drag the discussion off of slack to save on memory, where we discuss the future of the freebuild version of the editor and the “free swimming mode” or whatever we want to call it.

There were some great ideas, like being able to have “presets” to test the microbes in various environments, a simpler option of just setting variables to whatever we want. Whether we want the free build mode to be “diosconnected” or not. etc.

Can we just rewire some compound code to fire at the cursor instead of randomly spawning around the microbe? For testing different stats and capabilities?


Yep. There is a simple function that accepts the compound code, and the x and y coordinates, and then creates the compound cloud.

Should there be an ability to save a microbe in Free-Roam mode and have it be insertable/spawnable into the main game? As in say, you see a cool microbe and catalog it, and its able to spawn in game (if evolution demands)

I think an idea we had was that we could save microbes and then plop them into the freebuild editor. Or you could save microbes and use them as nanobots?