Importing player evolution across saves

Saving the evolution the player cell makes over the course of a game and importing it for non-player cells in other saves instead of randomly evolved ones.
The population of the past-player-cell should probably be halved, as the player tends to be the most successful life form.
Not all past-player-evolutions should be imported every game, but sometimes picking from a pool of cell evolutions from played games (even if the past player died) could be entertaining to see.

I am not sure if this would be worth to implement because it would probably require a lot of work and not add any gameplay value, but it might be worth something :slight_smile:

(This feature definitely needs to have the option to be turned off.)

It really goes against the entire design that everything in the game (until space stage) is descended from LUCA (the player’s initial species). Importing species also has the problem that they don’t fit in the ecosystem they are added into and auto-evo will probably just destroy them due to the species not being adapted to the environment they are shoved into.

The only place I can see us using pregenerated species is the space stage where we’ll need a lot of planets. And generating those on demand will be probably computationally too expensive. So my idea is that we have a tool that can run auto-evo for a planet for a while and then save the results to be loaded in as an entire planet in the space stage. That way all the species on it actually fit the environment they are loaded into.

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