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The official list of of team members ( has a lot of people who haven’t been active in a long time. So I thought to make a thread checking on those people and then potentially moving them to the list of inactive team members. I just also added a note that team leads should keep that list updated, but currently I think I’m the only team lead doing that.

I think that moving people to inactive status after they have haven’t posted anything in six months is reasonable. Unless we want to be more strict by requiring actual contributions within six months (feel free to comment if you feel like requiring contributions is better). For team leads we probably should choose a shorter time to be able to select new team leads more easily.

I’m going to mention all the inactive people (who I think are inactive) from the team list in the next post. If you don’t want to become inactive reply here or on discord.

If some team leads are moved to being inactive, I think it would be reasonable to edit their titles here on the forum. For other team members I don’t feel like it is as important.

To not have a bunch of these threads, this can be used for checking in on inactive people in the future as well.

So here are the people who I think are inactive (please reply if I’m wrong):

Theory Team

Programming Team

Graphics Team

This list is probably missing some recent additions to the theory, graphics, and sound teams as their member lists are not up to date.

I’m going to go ahead in a few days and move everyone who didn’t check in to the inactive / past developers list.

One additional thing about team leads:
I think, while having posted recently, @stealthstylel has not been very active in coordinating the outreach so maybe we should consider a new outreach team lead.

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Not checking in to keep myself off the inactive list, I definitely belong there right now - more to say hi!

Someday I may become more active again, but I’ve somewhat intentionally stepped back for now as I’m too busy to productively contribute, and instead found myself defending the status quo of the theory and being more of a hinderance than a help. If/when I think I can be more of a help I may become more active again.

Until then, take care all, and keep at it!


Would this page need updating as well?


That page definitely also needs to be updated. I brought that up a while ago but nothing happened then.

Ok I’ve edited the theory team down to just me.

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I’ll try to work on it this weekend.

I am Rastro on the Theory team, sorry for being so quiet of late, I had school, work, and then graduation and more work. I had some work for this project that got sidelined, ill dredge it up and clean it up and continue it.

Thank you,



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