Linux Pull Requests

Hi guys,

I haven’t been keeping up with Thrive lately, but it seems that Linux pull requests don’t get a lot of love.
Mine and Anth0rx’s pull requests haven’t gotten any attention in months. And I have been waiting on that before
doing any more work, and that’s why I haven’t done anything in the past months.
Is it just because nobody who has control over pull requests is able to work on thrive at the moment?
I think I have seen @Moopli accept his own pull requests, but he doesn’t seem to accept other’s pull requests.

Do we actually have a Linux dev who has pull request access, if not that might be a good idea?

I do understand if you don’t want to give me the ability to accept pull requests, as I haven’t done that much work on thrive, but it just seems that no one is accepting them at the moment (not even @crovea ). And this is a problem for me as I don’t want to queue up tons of pull requests and I’m waiting for them to get accepted.