Microbe GUI


Oliver! This looks so good!! The blur is an excellent touch man this is great! Oh the screen is so clean and clear!!

A few things that are not all necessarily criticisms:

• Perhaps the logo should be moved slightly to the left, to center it better with that corner. Same with the down arrow next to the reproduce button.
• Will CO2 clouds be changed to purple as well? Or will that meter be eventually changed to dark blue. I’m okay with either.
• I thought the previous cursor was rather nice. I’m not a fan of the thin ones; they’re a little hard to see.
• For cases in which the compound bars do not exceed the length of the bottom panel (as seen in the mid-sized screen), the horizontal scroll bar should disappear.
• Hydrogen is invisble?
• Nike shoe.
• Perhaps the suicide icon could be changed to a popping icon or something?

But yeah these are just my personal things and questions. You did a fantastic job.


I really like this last design although I think I have a neater idea than a reproduction bar.


Oliver that looks great, exactly what I was imagining/thinking of! If it’s possible can you expirament a bit with other color shades? Such as a grey or gunmetal color?


I had to turn the transparency down to show the grey more, but it works too. I still prefer blue. In the blue design the disabled buttons would turn grey anyway.

Yeah, the centering with non-regular shapes is irritating (another argument against a pure shard design). These are just sketches anyway, once a new GUI is actually put in the game things like that will have a lot more attention.

Oops, my fault. I accidentally made CO2 purple based on one of @braguy.j’s icons.

That’s still the existing cursor, I forgot to add a new one.

Definitely, and you can see that with the bigger design.

No…? Well, in real life it is, but not in-game.

Nike shoe.

I’m not sure that screams DEATH quite so clearly as a skull and crossbones but it could be replaced.


[quote=“Oliveriver, post:94, topic:111”]
I still prefer blue. In the blue design the disabled buttons would turn grey anyway.
[/quote]Yeah the blue color works well with the design.

[quote=“Oliveriver, post:94, topic:111”]
No…? Well, in real life it is, but not in-game.
[/quote]So hydrogen will be in game as an orange compound cloud? Sweet :slight_smile:

One final thing that has nothing to do with you or the GUI really, but don’t you think the icons are a bit inconsistent? We have glucose, oxygen, protein, and hydrogen being represented by sugar cubes, air bubbles, meat, and fire respectively, but for the rest we just have their molecules.


See this thread: Iconography


Examining the colors and comparing it to the blue one I can say that the blue one is slightly better. Probably because it fits the area more and because gunmetal grey would fit something more in the future… Just speculation however, It looks great :smiley:


In all due respect, both look great and better than what we have.


Oliver that looks fantastic, and I’d agree that blue looks better. Also although the blur effect is nice I recall that TheCreator said Ogre currently can’t handle blur effects. However can’t we just pre-blur the backgrounds the game uses (I know it’s not the same as the edge blur which you showcased, but blur nonetheless)?

EDIT: @Oliveriver I don’t think the version number should be on the game screen. It’s not information that is relevant to gameplay. Typically it appears in a corner in the main menu, and if wanted the pause menu as well.


I remember there was a protein icon that was fixed to not look like a shoe. I too like the blue theme more. We definitely did not decide to use ATP as a health measure. Health shows how well all of your organelles are working and how damaged you are in general, and works in conjunction with ATP. Check out the bottom half of this post.

I also really like the suggestion of using a hotkey for suicide and having suicide pop out only if you have a small amount of compounds.

Anyway, I think what you did looks great and very professional. Nice job.


@Oliveriver, if you’re working in photoshop can you send me the psd file to the gui? I have an idea for the options menu and I’d like to make it in the same style.


Unfortunately I’m not, but I have kept a personal styleguide for the panels which should work for other programs:

  1. Build a shape based on squares (I’ve been using 1cm squares but this will change in future to a value based on pixels).
  2. Colour it #00FFFF then make it 80% transparent.
  3. Add inwards bevel with these properties: size: 0.11cm, contrast: 50%, light angle: 270 degrees (i.e. straight up) and light elevation: 32 degrees.
  4. Create a white shape over the top.
  5. Add linear transparency with the max transparency around the centre of the shape and min transparency half the height of the shape above the top of the shape.


It would be wonderful if you got me a new options menu (main menu) There are a few things I’m holding off doing because of it.

Also I have photoshop as well if you guys need me to do anything with it.


I really like the blue version too! Really nice work here! :smiley:

For the suicide icon, maybe a red button might be better. The skull and bones means more death to me


So Nartoiza came up with these buttons and we played around with them in the game. I know its only the Main Menu, but this is a stepping stone into the Microbe GUI as well so I thought it should go here.

The 2nd one is at 1366 x 768


It looks awesome! I would suggest that the colour is a bit bright but that’s a choice for you guys to make. Great work!


That looks amazing, A bit of jaggedness however (like a tiny bit) would make it more Shard-ish, I mean it looks gread now just a bit hexagonal :stuck_out_tongue: Good job!


It’s ment to be hexy, but nar is already working on a darker one, it looks way better. I’ll try to get it in tomorrow.


I like the bright colours. Great job.


I think this is the final one. Its a little darker.