New Game Presets

This is a thread to discuss if we want New Game Presets, their possible implementation, and what some presets might look like.

I do want to suggest an Excitement Preset. I see YouTubers doing things like turning up the mutation rate to its max. This could be a spot where we deviate for realism and tweak the settings for maximum fun.

I think we’d need at least 3 or 4 of these options before putting these into the game. As otherwise I think the GUI to pick one of them would end up a bit silly looking if it only had like 1 or 2 options.

Adding the ability to make and load custom ones is the driving force in my mind behind adding this, but the issue you mentioned is the main reason I created the thread,

I feel like at the minimum we can at least have the following initial presets:

  • Easy: An easier version of Normal.
  • Normal / Vanilla / Default: The original settings the game is balanced around.
  • Hard / Hardcore: A harder version of Normal.

Then here are some others we could have as well:

  • Supermax: AI evolution rate set to max, LAWK disabled. A preset all around fast, intense gameplay.
  • Epic: Mutation Point costs maxed out to make evolution as gradual as possible.

These are just the difficulty options, though??

Yeah in the instances of setting presets I’ve seen, difficulty presets are included in them. Most settings will by nature affect the difficulty of the game, so it makes sense.

The other way I’ve seen it be done is that the preset is named whatever, and then the game calculates the difficulty of that preset and displays it below the preset’s name (like in Crusader Kings 3 below).

It’s neat but I think it’s an unnecessary amount of work for little gain for us. Which is why I think the first and simpler option would be better.

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