New Intro for Thrive


Yup, that looks a lot better. I still think the background could be blurred/darkened at the end when we focus on the logo.


Also perhaps less dna strands? Atm the middle ones kinda blend together.

Perhaps spacing them more apart like this guy does with his viruses in this video:


You’re right, it does look like plastic. Could you somehow keep the metal look but have it glow somehow?

A lot of the DNA strands seem to be intersecting at a few points, mainly underneath the T and ‘R I’; those areas seem really noisy.

I suppose move the strands around a bit more perhaps? Or you could completely disregard everything I say, which is probably a better idea.


Alright, I just updated blender cus I need adaptive sub surface scattering or these images will take 20+ minutes to render, I’ll see what I can do with the new tools this build gives me.


Ok so good news and more good news. First is I got the experimental Blender build that comes with adaptive subsurface scattering which will make rendering a breeze. Second is the one you guys actually care about (or at least I like to pretend you care). I think I fixed our logo problem, by adjusting the light to a 15 degree angle instead of a 45, the metal reflects and shines, making it much easier to see. here’s a quick low res render.

Edit: I just noticed that the “H” is slightly obscured. I’ll push that DNA strand back next time


The DNA strands look much nicer on this image, but I think I like the plastic logo a lot more. While the outside gears do stand out, the letter on the inside still blend into the backgound.

Also, hasn’t Blender 2.78 been out since October? Or are you talking about a different version?


I don’t know whether a modelled logo really stands out enough. A flat image on top might be better, but it’s your call.


When I suggested the logo should have no shading or reflections I was trying to say that it should look flatter. I agree with Oliver.

Like when we finally zoom in on the DNA strands the flattened Thrive logo fades into the screen


No I’ve just been lazy and haven’t updated in forever


Well, i’m personally trying to make a new intro for Thrive, but it seems you have more progress and assets.

(Edit: working my own too, DNA looks low quality as hell)


I like your background, it would save me the trouble of making one if we used yours instead. We should work together on this, I intend to make a remastered version of our current intro as well as a lengthier 90 second intro that we can use as a promotional clip and a start up cinematic. Let me know if you’re interested.


You have my interest.


Alright guys, I wanted to wait until all of it was finished, but my classes have been kicking my ass lately. I don’t see myself finishing for a while, so I thought I’d leave this here. This is my first attempt at this scene, I’ve since moved on to working on other scenes with the intent of returning to tweak it. Let me know if this isn’t good enough.

This is the first attempt at the final scene of my proposed trailer, where the camera has entered the nucleus and flies through the DNA to find the Thrive Logo


I really like the DNA, but there are a couple of problems in my opinion:

  • There’s not enough ambient movement in the scene
  • The camera movement is too unnatural
  • The Thrive logo looks a bit tacked on

I realise you’ll be aware of all these problems already, and it’s a shame you’re not coming back to work on it soon as I’d love to see where it could have gone.


I recently had an idea for how an eventual Thrive intro might end:

This might not turn out well if we tried to create it now, so if you guys ever decided to use something like it it’d probably be later on in development. Still, just putting my idea here before I forget, I thought it might be cool.


I had a similar idea, I was actually thinking of making 2 videos, one that started in space and zoomed into a cell, and one that started as a cell and progressed into space, ending with a species discovering water on another planet and then having the camera zoom into the water to reveal another cell. Both however involved flying along the surface of a planet along the cameras journey.


are you still working in this i am really interested in this topic!


I‘m not sure if this is the appropriate thread to post this in, but I didn‘t find any other and I don‘t think this needs its own thread.
Some time ago I recorded some ink dissolving in water. One of the color combinations I did was green ink on a ble background. I figured it looks like an underwater ‚cloud‘ of microalgae. So I made a few variations of an alternative Thrive intro. I think the old one is still superior, so this isn‘t for the in-game intro, but maybe it could be used for the next update trailer. Sadly there were some conversion issues and the quality isn‘t as good as it was originally. I made 4 variations and I like 1 and 2 the most. I hope this is helpful in one way or the other.

EDIT: In case you have to watch them directly on youtube for better quality:


I actually like the concept of your third one. The current intro feels a little too rigid/static IMHO


Like @BadOmen said, I think this is a big step up from the current intro since it’s a lot more fluid and realistic, and I’d support adding it in. Maybe we could slow it down too so it matches the duration of the intro music.