New Intro for Thrive


These look really great! I think I prefer the second the most.


Wow, I wouldn‘t have expected you to be so sold on this, what an awesome surprise! But alright, in that case I have a few questions:

  1. @NickTheNick I assume you mean ‚Genesis‘ by intro music, our current one, right? If that‘s the case, why do you mean I should slow it down? Genesis is 11 seconds long and my videos are all longer than that, if anything I would have to shorten them.
  2. I love genesis, but is it really fitting for this video? I feel like this intros darker colors don‘t really match the vibrant, bright feel of Genesis. @Oliveriver, as our expert on all things music-related and, according to bandcamp the composer of Genesis, what do you think?
    In our current intro the appearance of the logo is synchronized with the chord strike of the music. In case we keep genesis, I assume I should make the logo appear about 5 seconds in, right?
  3. Should we make a poll on which version to use?

Sorry for the many questions, but this way I can create the intro that best fits the consensus.


Hmm, I see what you mean. While the algal texture is nice it doesn’t really have the same level of movement as the current intro, which makes the music a little unsuitable. I could compose something else but I also quite like Genesis so maybe it’s better to fit the video to the music rather than the other way round?

I seem to be in the minority of still liking the current intro but I’m open to a new one if we can get it right. These are all nice but perhaps a bit simplistic.


@Oliveriver Don‘t get me wrong, I like the current intro too, except maybe for the zoom which seems a bit clumsy and angular to me. I‘m flattered that some of you want to use my intro, but for that very reason I‘m unfit to judge which intro I would prefer objectively. Maybe we should do a poll on if we should replace the intro at all?
And I also would find it quiet sad if we had to replace Genesis as intro jingle. I‘m really torn between the two possibilities. What do those think who haven‘t shared their opinion on this yet?


Those video logos look great. Also hello folks. Its been aehile, but i think im back now due to lack of school because full time software development internship, which means i have time to work on thrive (as i don’t work on my internship on weekends, which means i can code for you awesome people on weekends)


Hey, i really like the textures of the ink clouds. If you still have the recordings i would actuall like to give it a shot at editing a logo/intro video


@Naggorath of course you can try your hand at it, or anyone who wants to really. I‘m quiet positive anyone can edit it better than me because the computer I edited it on is very slow and thus the editig was very clunky. Here‘s a Dropbox link where you hopefully can download the raw footage. There will be some talking and creepy breathing in the background, don‘t mind it.


What if we played the algae video at the beginning of the microbe stage
with like a “microbe Stage” bolded phrase below it?


If we did that, it’d make sense to do something similar for the remaining stages, which kinda goes against the idea of smooth, seamless transitions.


Think the scene where the asteroid impacts the planet in spore, thats what im getting at. But for now we could have this as a placeholder microbe intro (always felt like the game instantly starting felt wrong)

Kinda like what you mentioned earlier, except it only happens when you click the new game button.

That way “thrives intro” and your own “games intro” are separate, i dunno i think it would feel better then just instantly starting then getting a blurb about how life just popped up a second ago . It would of course be the ONLY stage with an intro, no other stages get an intro.


Ahh, that makes sense then.


yeah i figured that while i was doing main menu stuff in the new engine it would be cool to add some additional immersion things assuming people agree with meof course.


I was originally against the idea for the same reason Naro said, but now that you explained I think that’s actually a really good idea. It’d be cool to add that to the next version!


mirror monkey, can i get a .mov version of the thrive intro video you showed us earlier (the 12 second one) I have a new game Microbe Stage intro working and i want the short one. We can replace it later with a proper “planet intro” it currently uses one of the algae videos you provided in the zip file


I added the intro to svn. I re-encoded it and removed the sound which had some weird background talking noise and other stuff that made it not feel microbe-y. I also fixed the playing script a bit to actually swap to the microbe GUI after playing.


Yes, I can, but the 12s intro is just a section of one of the two longer videos I shared via dropbox. It‘s from the video called „grünealgenstrudel“ (green algae vortex). It‘s from about 30 seconds in. If you want to tell me and I‘ll provide you with the .mov of the second intro, but you could also just take it from the long video. In the long video it doesn‘t have the Thrive logo and you might want to put that in there yourself since you‘ll add the subtitle of „microbe stage“ and it‘ll look better if you put those two in it together.
And yes (@hhyyrylainen ), as I said there‘s background noise in the long videos, you can just mute it.

EDIT: Just read on slack that you need it to put in the game now, I‘ll be able to upload it as .mov in about 6-8 hours.


I uploaded them to the same Dropbox folder I linked to before. The video which is titled Thrive Algae Logo 2 on Youtube is called Thrive Algae Logo 5 in the Dropbox folder, 5 is the one you‘re looking for. They‘re in .mp4 and not .mov format tho. I hope that doesn‘t pose a problem. Or does it? If you need it in .mov either convert it or tell me and I‘ll try to convert it.


Reopening this thread, we need a short but engaging microbe stage intro video


I’m not sure we “need” videos.

If we can get good videos that really add something to the experience of playing the game then that’s great. However I’d rather have nothing than poor videos as they just make the experience worse.


I got Quantom Crab on it.