Options Menu Discussion

This first post will list all the tabs that’s going to be in the options menu and will be edited depending on suggestions in thread. anything with a question mark next to it I’m not sure aboutor needs expanding.

  • General

  • This would have all the general options for things most people will be looking for when they go into the options menu.

  • Master Audio slider

  • Graphics presets ?

  • Difficulty levels

  • Autosave frequency

  • more stuff may be added to this as

  • Graphics

  • Graphics presets

  • Resolution

  • fullscreen

  • Texture quality

  • Draw distance (for later levels) ?

  • Load distance for cells ?

  • i need someone with more technical knowledge of this area to help me fill this one out

  • Audio

  • Master volume slider

  • Music slider

  • Ambient sound slider ?

  • Sound effects slider

  • Gameplay

  • Difficulty level - how we want to do this is another thread by itself.

  • Experience Level - Sets default experience level for new game setups. ?

  • Also we may want to put different things that effect the games difficulty here too (eg. amount of DNA points you get or how much damage you get ect.)

  • Keybindings

  • Control setup (ie for controllers or people who just want to use a keyboard) ?

Here are some of the ones listed from before (a few you already have covered):

  • Resolution – Changes the screen resolution, requiring a game restart to come into effect.
  • Volume – Separate sliders for changing the volume of music, ambiance and sound effects.
  • Difficulty – Sets the default difficulty level for new game setups.
  • Experience Level – Sets the default experience level for new game setups.
  • Controls – Key rebinding options for keyboards and mouse. Each action (move, release agent, etc.) is paired with a control which can be edited by clicking in the box and pressing the key the player wishes to use. Editable controls are limited to binary commands, so mouse movement cannot be rebound.
  • Autosave Frequency – Determines the frequency of autosaves while playing. Each autosave overwrites the last one in a particular game.

EDIT: I also moved this to Gameplay, as while it’s not technically gameplay, it relates to something in the game rather than outside of it (which is what Meta is for).

fair enough, though the meta thing does say “for general things about the game” or something along though lines, anyway doesn’t matter.

can you explain to me what this actually changes (ie. how does this differ from difficulty)

For the rest of those I’ve made the changes, though the thing I’m most unsure about is the graphics section because it depends entirely on what the devs want to code in (things like do we want to put texture quality in or any kind of AA and then there are things like load distance and Draw distance (thinking into the future)) though we don’t need to answer all these questions yet as this is the first options menu after all and it will change a lot throughout development but the more we plan now the less we need to change on it later.

Sorry, didn’t realise that wasn’t explained anywhere. It changes things like text guidance, tooltips, whether you go through a tutorial for every new game.

The graphics options already in the Ogre dialog would be a good place to start. The most important of these are full screen and resolution, but I’ve no idea how much of the rest can be changed without altering fundamental things about the graphics.

to be fair i’m 80% sure I’ve read this somewhere its just been ages since I’ve read it.

I remember there was someone working on the options menu a while ago. Does anyone have any of the created files? Or will I have to do the menu from scratch?

It was @lavathor here: Main Menu - Options Menu

There are a few options buttons hidden in the main menu layout file, but I have no idea whether they do anything. The GUI design is obsolete, I know that at least.

I was working on the options menu, but took a leave as I had some serious stuff happen IRL. Currenlty I have a new computer and will need to get everything back up and going again.