Organism Editor changes, Geography updates (ideas)


Yep, totally agreed with you, the idea of have some organisms that works different than earth lifeforms it’s interesting, when I said insects I didn’t meant bugs and ants literally, I meant little organisms that should carry plagues with them selves, and as I planned before it don’t need to be an full organism because would be hard to recreate an Bunch of little flying aliens like bugs and etc, so they could be just an visual blur effect for bigger organism and if the organism keeps around the bugs for a long time would have the risk of infections, and etc…

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I think you will have enough time :slight_smile:


I hope so, I’m talking about an 3D animated full video but I’ll do my best to be early.

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As TJWhale pointed out, I’m afraid this sort of discussion - speculating on later stage concepts without much relevance to the Microbe Stage or specifics for implementation - isn’t really suitable for the development forums. We try to restrict to either Microbe Stage design or, at most, prototyping the later stages.

You are however free to discuss such things (and post that video) on the community forums where I’m sure plenty of community members will be excited about your concepts. Devs will still reply there too, and if an idea gets enough traction it will be considered for the game.


I just had ideas for the Aware to Spacial stage and some to Multicellular transition to Aware, because I don’t wanna talk about the microbe concepts because I guess it would be more difficult to have an idea for the Microbe stage being accepted than for future stages there still just in ideas and concept…