Planning the release after 0.4.0

Let’s talk about what should be in the release after 0.4.0. And whether there should be a tiny release with added things for making crash reports more useful ( and including more libraries (, make it easier for users. Or should those also wait for 0.4.1?

Here are some features I snagged from the Release 0.4.0 thread that didn’t get implemented:

Things we didn’t have time for

  • Melee organelle (Pilus)
  • Diminishing abundance of free floating compounds

Possible features that are worth discussing:

I think we should seriously consider doing as many users seem to have problems.

I agree with you, doing some 0.4.0.X hotfix could be nice.

A hotfix would be useful though I wonder why it didn’t crash at all in our tests yesterday and suddenly is.

Only some of the crashes reported happen during gameplay. For many people the game doesn’t start at all. Those kind of bugs are very hard to catch without testing on a wide variety of hardware.

It’s fine with me if you want to do a hotfix patch, if there’s things which are fixable relatively easily then it sounds good.

I think we should keep 0.4.1 relatively small so it doesn’t take too long but it will still be quite a long time.

biome differentiation would be great

So we are having a small bug fix release I’ll make a goal for it on github and put basically some programming related (not gameplay) issues there.

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