Project coordination (

So what’s the deal with this new development tracker thing discussed in yesterday’s podcast: ? I wasn’t there for the whole thing so I missed that discussion.

Are we going to try it? Is there a good example project using it so that I can see how well it works? And who is this Colassal guy?

Also for me to seriously consider the taiga project at minimum all the core members should be made owners / moderators of that taiga project.

Colassal was a Discord member present for the podcast, who shortly afterwards messaged me asking what organisational systems we already have in place and suggested this as an alternative. Hopefully he’ll apply as a developer soon.

I haven’t looked into it enough to know if it’s useful, but I will later. What do other people think?

After discussing with Colassal about the potential issues and benefits. I think our best bet would be to setup schedules / progress overviews with which should be low maintainance as it basically shows data from github.

I can probably go ahead with setting that up if no one else is up for it.

Did this end up going anywhere?

I haven’t bothered with it. We have so little activity that at least I can review everything going on daily. And that is mainly for stuff like tracking issue creation and solving which currently isn’t happening much either.