Removing translation file reference lines

The .po translation files have references to where in the source code the text key is used. These cause a ton of merge conflicts and I’m fed up with them after recently doing 2 manual rebases where on each PR I had to fix the en.po file like 6 times.

This should be a pretty easy change with just adding a --no-location to the extraction script. Hopefully Weblate keeps working if the reference lines are in the main .pot file, but if not I don’t think many people actually used the reference feature (as it isn’t very useful if you aren’t a programmer). So this shouldn’t be a huge loss anyway, and will be a huge win for anyone ever needing to resolve translation file merge conflicts (this should also hopefully mean there’ll be a ton less merge conflicts).


Seeing as no one objected I made the change:

And will merge it soon.

Unfortunately at least Poedit cannot handle showing the reference lines anymore, but as I said I think only programmers would find those useful, so using something like grep with an ignore for the locale folder should be just as good to find the location of the used text key.

Edit: and looks like Weblate also cannot handle the situation well. So if this is a problem then I need to make a feature request to Weblate to add this feature (or someone needs to contribute the feature to weblate). Of course there’s also the nuclear option of making a custom translation web app that has just exactly the features we need.