Research Web/Technology Tree


I’ve recently been working on revamping the technology tree (or research web as it’s referred to in the concept), and since it’s connected to so many aspects of the Awakening, Society, Industrial, and Space stages, I’ve been revamping some of those systems as well to match. Here we’ll discuss just the tech tree though (keep in mind it’s a work in progress).

Here is the download link for the tech tree:

If you want to view and edit the tech tree directly, you need yED, the program I’m making it on.

Otherwise, here are screenshots of the tree if you’re lazy.

Full View (Techs not visible)





Here we can discuss whether to add, edit, or remove techs, and how to connect them. I have a document where I list what each tech specifically does. I’ll clean it up so it’s readable and then update this post to include a download link for it.

Here it is:



I’ll post some suggestions

  1. interaction could appear before sapience, like with pack animals.
  2. permanent structures (if you mean those as sedentary life) shouldn’t unlock carpentry, since nomads can use wood too.
  3. why does warfare require fishing?
  4. why does counting require games?
  5. fertilizer should probably require animal interaction (unless your species is hervivore)

  1. Actually I should point out that Sapience is not an actual tech and the first tech you auto-start with is Interaction. It’s immediately unlocked upon gaining sapience and marks the beginning of the tech tree (aka when the Aware Stage ends and the Awakening Stage begins and the Research Web is unlocked). It represents your species learning to intelligently interact with their environment with their newfound sapience.
  2. Carpentry is not necessary for building structures from wood, that’s fortifications. Carpentry is just a re-researchable tech that improves the quality of wood used in constructing buildings and vehicles.
  3. My thoughts were that just as a terrestrial species would learn war through hunting practices, so would aquatic species learn war through fishing/their hunting. It’s sort of a temporary thing for now, until we go back and update the tech tree to not be Earth/terrestrial centric.
  4. The whole left side of the tech tree is very WIP at the moment, I’ve sort of just thrown those techs into that order for now. That particular connection comes from the Caveman2Cosmos mod for Civ 4, though I think you could argue you don’t need games for counting.
  5. Fertilizer could also be ash/potash though, but manure as fertilizer would require animal interaction or one of the associated techs.


We need to address how your civilization will record keep without writing or at least pictographs. If a civilization cant record keep, how will it keep its knowledge over long periods of time?

I feel writing, or at least language should be higher on the list, maybe under language.


Celts didn’t have writing and they had a bunch of stuff (bronzeworking, soap, religion, etc), using only oral tradition


Oral Tradition is what allows your species to pass along knowledge before the development of writing. Like crodnu said the celts are a good example.


I was just thinking, would you be able to loose a technology, if for instence you dont use it for anything. Atleast before writing?
Or what if, when you have writing, a technology exists in a “physical form” in a library (Or something similar). If said library were to burn down, would you then have to re-research the lost technology or steal/trade it from a different culture?


that mechanic could also be used to represent the loss of technology due to nuclear apocalypsis (#totallyNotFallout4)


I was actually thinking something along those lines. How cool would it be, to enter a post-post-apocalyptic stoneage :stuck_out_tongue:


Losing technology passively by not using it I’m not sure is a good idea, but things like your empire collapsing or certain buildings getting destroyed causing tech loss is definitely planned. For example a big research lab getting destroyed could set you back in Physics technology, or having a big drought that forces you to go nomadic and then resettle in a new region could cause the loss of some technology as well.


I think being able to lose technology gives that extra motivation to not screw up, and is realistic.
Like Greek Fire. 500 years after the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, we still haven’t been able to recreate it, because they took that secret to their grave.
I think writing should decrease the possibility of losing technologies, but lack of usage should make them unusable for the general population (how many people can make and shoot a bow and arrow nowadays?).
As for the oral tradition, I think that there should be a “oral records” as a prerequisite for Writing, and a society/species that has oral records but not writing can loose a lot of their knowledge from mass die-offs such as war disease or famine.


Yeah definitely, I’d agree with all that and I’ll make sure to add them to the notes.

Also, for anyone interested, I finally uploaded the word document that goes with the tech tree (in the OP). This document basically explains each tech in more detail such as what it enables, what triggers lead to it, etc. Of course it is a heavy work in progress because I’m rewriting it from the old one, but feel free to comment or critique it.



Edit: nvm i see it’s on the original post


Has this been updated or worked on since?


I have a LOT of additional notes but this is the finished concept thus far.


I have some ideas for pre-tech development that could flow into the later aware stage as the player species evolves to use tools. So far I’ve been relying too much on discord to show the concept work that has come about from these odd ideas, including the disaster concepts. As far as tech goes what about tool development being a part of the tech tree but a beginning part to start as a transition for the player into the full tech tree instead of a straight move into a civ rts feel?


Sounds like an interesting idea, could you PM me so I can ask more about it?