Revamping the Wiki

It was decided recently that we were in need of some new member documentation. In my opinion the perfect place to do it is the Wiki, which is why I’ve already created most of it:

This page is pretty much complete, and several linked pages are also done. Here’s a list:

Project history:
Releases list:
Release planning:

The only ones I haven’t done yet are the specific team pages and the page on the involvement of money (which will cover the pros, cons and overall conclusion). I’m also planning to overhaul the front page to make these pages more important.

What does everyone think of what’s there so far? The main issue is several of these will need to be kept updated, like the releases list and planning.

It took far too long but I’ve now found a happy place with the Wiki visuals. Please suggest more visual changes but bear in mind they’ll have to be coded with CSS and I know very little CSS.

Anyway, I’ve redone the home page too:

I feel like there should be more, but I can’t think of what to put. Any suggestions?

Looks great! I think that some of the colors should be adjusted to match the galaxy image. Maybe a pale blue for the page background and a dark salmon for the link colors?

Black text seems to stand out too much against the pale blue so perhaps a dark, desaturated blue could work for normal text.

Bright blues tend to cause more eye strain than whites, so from a usability perspective I don’t think it’s a very good choice. I’m not even sure why the galaxy tints to bright blue, galactic cores tend to be richer in older stars and so should really be looking more orangey-white. If someone were to make that change (difficult unless that someone also has the source psd) then it would be nice to have the page background be the same off-white pastel; as long as it’s still close enough to white to keep the text well-legible.

Fixed. That image was in fact an edited version with more vibrant colours, so it was simple to use the unedited version instead.

I’ve finished everything but the team specific pages, which I might need help with from members of each team.

Otherwise, I’m going to go ahead and unsticky a bunch of threads here since they’ve now been collated into the New Member Guidance page, and replace them all with one short banner sticky linking to it.

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With @NickTheNick’s help, there’s been a revamp of the revamp with a few pages switched around. I’d appreciate it if people could check all the links work alongside giving general feedback. And we might need the team leads’ help with the team specific pages.

Lots of work has been done on updating the Microbe Stage’s content and structure on the wiki. Most of what is left is to clean up the remaining pages and sort the info. Still, it would be great help if anyone not directly in development but with time on their hands could help out with it. If you can please message me.

I gave some love to the stages wiki pages. Most of them were minor but I had to do a bit of a bigger overhaul on the awakening stage and society stage pages as many of the concepts were pretty jumbled together. The biggest change is that Society Centres are now called settlements (which later will turn into villages, towns and cities), and the center of a settlement is now a single building called the Society Center. I also had to move quite a bit of the concepts from the awakening stage to the society stage as it was pretty silly that basically the most important new gameplay parts of the society stage were still considered part of the awakening stage (for example culture, nation editor, specialized population labour roles).

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I just made a very major overhaul to the workflow page:

I basically made the existing page just a subpart of the page, now describing how ideas / design work. Additionally I added the art / assets workflow and programming workflows, which where never really specified.