Revolutionary Games Cutscene

I know there is an opening cutscene introducing Thrive itself, but shouldn’t there also be one for Revolutionary Games? Of course, there’s no real rush for this but I think it would look nice and official.

I had a vague idea of what it could be like but feel free to ignore it if you wish. That’s if you want to do a cutscene on this. Also, if you do want one but you don’t like my idea, I can come back with other ideas pretty readily or someone else can.

Anyway. my idea is to have the camera swooping through a museum while lightning flashes. The camera swoops past an alien skeleton and technology until it gets to the back of the museum where it closes in on a footprint fossil, but instead of a footprint it says Revolutionary Games. Then there is a flash of lightning and the screen goes black only to cede into the Thrive cutscene.

Really I think it’s up to whoever’s making the cutscenes to decide what to put in them, but I agree it might be useful to have a Revolutionary Games segment of the opening cutscene we already have. Maybe with references to Ogre and OpenGL as splash-screens which fade in with their logos then quickly fade out.

Sounds interesting.
@Oliveriver, they (the logos) could maybe be on this eventual alien tech and skeleton or something.

I can certainly help with making some basic opening scenes in Sony Vegas if needed.