Save / Load menu function

So in my opinion the current save / load menu focuses too much on save file management.

We have multi-select enabled, “Delete Selected” button and “Open Save Dir”. But:

  • Actually we don’t support drag select (so select multiple saves is not-at-all convenient). Open the save directory then delete them using our OS’s file explorer is actually easier.
  • Double-click doesn’t load a save, and at times I tried to doubleclick one save to load / overwrite it, wondering why nothing is happening.

My suggestion is that we remove the multi-select function completely and add doubleclick handler. I suppose that it will be easier to use.

Then it can be like this.

Or this. Code at

I think adding double clicking will be a good thing (I commented on that linked issue). I don’t think we should remove the delete selected functionality. If we ever do web builds or mobile/console builds those won’t have access to delete saves from the filesystem.

Additionally we could implement shift selecting the save files (so similarly to how file browsers do it).

I don’t know if it would be even possible to implement a drag to select multiple files functionality. @Kasterisk as you are the most experienced with the Godot GUI system, do you think that would be possible to implement?

As for the double click, Godot has InputEventMouseButton.DoubleClick that we can probably use. A shift selecting and drag select or others can probably be done with combination of other InputEvent hack/functionality. I haven’t tried any of this myself but it should be possible in some way imo.

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I am thinking of if we can implement somewhat small list, maybe with only save names on it, so that more cells can be held in one screen. And small one will expand to the current full functional one when clicked.