Task Assignment


i think for the new comers like me it is hard to find something to do.

so what about task Assignment so every one can do something and get thrive forward in development.

i was thinking in something like every team lead or co lead start a topic about task assignment for there team asking the team members what they like to work in and give them a task in that.

i mean the organized work is better and produce more than disorganized one.


i agree that we can sometimes be a bit disorganized, which in part has to do with developers adding whatever they think it’s a cool feature or trying to fix bugs they find, but a better organization could indeed be useful, especially for larger features (like transitioning to multicellular stage when we get to it).
Btw did you get an invitation to join our slack chat?


yes i got an invitation

edit: and i am creating an account now.


a lot of the organization gets done there (which is probably a bad thing), so i’d suggest you joined :slight_smile:




We’ve spoken a couple of times about needing better forms of coordination, and the challenge is adapting it to our open-source nature and approach to the work. We have GitHub issues and threads here, and Slack is useful for real-time communication but doesn’t get posted publicly, making things seem dead to those on the outside.