Thrive Releases

Old release thread:

Bear in mind many of the links from that page no longer work.

Thrive Legacy Releases

Thrive 0.2.3

August 3rd 2014

Thrive 0.2.4

February 16th 2015

Thrive 0.3.0

December 2nd 2015

Thrive 0.3.1

February 18th 2016

Thrive 0.3.2

August 9th 2016

Thrive 0.3.3

February 12th 2017

Thrive 0.3.4

June 12th 2017

I have all of the versions up to 0.3.0. Should I edit the post with them, so that we can delete the old release thread?

If you want, but it’s not a major thing.