Twitchywhalez - New Musician/Composer

Hi I’m Andres, I’m a composer and I’m looking forward to working on this project! Here’s my Soundcloud where I post all my music:

I’m excited to see the progression of Thrive and help out in any way that I can.


Welcome to the team!

In case no sound team people reply to you, I’ll try to explain a few things, because recently we’ve had quite a few composers who have disappeared before managing to do anything.

You should pick a stage (later than microbe stage as that soundtrack is pretty full) that has a theme (like drums are only used after move to society stage, space stage should have a space aesthetic in the music) that matches your strengths, and then try to compose a track around some thing, like maybe a jungle tribe, space empire, stuff like that. Then when you have something you can try to ask for feedback on the dev discord, or this thread: Music List Thread (Post New Themes Here) If you don’t get any feedback, you should ping @Oliveriver

Also if you are interested in music theory and talking about that, have a look at this recent discussion about how to plan tracks to have uniform theming: Redesigning the Microbe Stage Soundtrack - A Tentative Guidebook and updating the entire microbe soundtrack based on those ideas.