We now use .NET 7 and translations script changes

I’m making this post to hopefully get the word about this change out to more people.

The next time you build Thrive you should be using .NET 7 (previous 6 was recommended). Also note that the Godot editor may crash the next time you open it. To solve that you can do one of two things:

  1. Compile Thrive outside the Godot editor to make sure that the editor loads an up to date binary
  2. Clean out the compiled Thrive version, this stops the Godot editor from loading it and you can then compile from the Godot editor

Regarding the translations update script, it is now written in C# and included in the Thrive repo. This means that there’s no longer a need to have python installed (or the pybabel Thrive module) in order to work on Thrive. Running the translations update from the command line uses the exact same command as before, just the internal functionality was changed.

If anyone has any issues running the translations update on Windows, let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP.

Oh and the style guide was updated as new code checking tools started complaining about missing Dispose calls.

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