0.6.3 Release Planning

With 0.6.2 having been released yesterday, it is again time for release planning.

As the poll last time didn’t really have a preference for releasing on a Friday as compared to a Saturday, I again set the release day I suggest to be a Saturday. Due to me wanting to take some time off in July from (edit: there was a typo here) Thrive, I suggest the release would be the first of July (2023-07-01T11:00:00Z). That way I can use all of my time up to my planned vacation time to work on the release and then take off once the release is out. This has the slight complication that due to midsummer the RC would need to be already on the 22nd of June.

I’ve already created the milestone on Github: Release 0.6.3 Milestone · GitHub

There’s a few left over features and some pretty important bugs / fixes that turned up recently I’ve put there already. So we are still trying to burn through the first set of roadmap items in the 0.6.x set.

For myself my priority items right now are:

  • Making rest of the prototypes (all the way to ascension)
  • Trying to get more performance out of our build servers (I already got some improvements done, but still with the 3D menu assets the builds are multiple minutes slower than before)
  • The logic rewrite of the microbe stage
  • Some preparation work that we’ll need before we can switch to Godot 4

I think I’ll be busy enough with those, but I probably can’t resist doing some small fixes or small feature tweaks for things that people keep complaining about.

What things are everyone planning to work on? Once some stuff will seem likely it could finish, I’ll add more stuff to the 0.6.3 milestone.


I’ll probably still be pretty busy for the first half of this release cycle, so I won’t proclaim too much. I’ll try to get around to that organelle upgrade matrix thing I talked about before and will try to do some of the organizational work I’ve discussed on Discord regarding some graphics tasks (if people still want that) and my document describing Thrive as a project.


I’ll just keep working on my membrane_overhaul branch (Convolution Surfaces). I won’t promise anything else beyond my genuine effort and making some actual commits (as I’ve been) instead of hoarding code on my machine.


I think I could try to work on some of the issues blocking the day/night cycle. It would be lovely to get that more polished. Other than that, I don’t really have plans yet but I’ll probably fix random issues and stuff.


I’ve been very uninspired as of late so I can’t promise much, but I’ll continue to procrastinate on feasible part upgrades and maybe something will come out of that.

I’ve feeling this release cycle is going to be pretty bare, so to enliven things:

  • I’ve been thinking of replacing fossilization buttons with a popup dropdown (the same kind in the editor) that opens when you right click cells while paused to make cells easier to see than having big buttons constantly obstructing the view.
  • Add more control over digestion and better indicators, people have been wanting this and I can’t blame them.

And probably tackle things that I had planned but didn’t yet get around in the last few releases:


I’ll look forward to what you end up doing in the end, but I think that replacing the visible buttons with something non-visible will result in fossilization feature being even harder to find. Also controller support will need to be explicitly done if the fossilization buttons don’t exist anymore.

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