0.6.4 Release Planning

With 0.6.3 out it’s again time to have a thread talking about the plans. There’s not yet any feedback but I’m creating this thread early to get my time off from Thrive started earlier. More info on that here: Finding stand-ins thread

I’ve created the milestone on Github for the release:Release 0.6.4 Milestone · GitHub I didn’t yet set any release date as I’d like to time the release for when the performance refactoring and switch to ECS is done, which I’ll continue working on once I’m back from vacation. I’m hoping we can still squeeze 2 releases in for this year (one being in December and one being then hopefully at the latest in early November).

I put the usual stuff that didn’t get done in time for 0.6.3 into the 0.6.4 milestone I created, there’s a few issues not started in there as well as some PRs that might need a bit of help to be finished from someone else.

Like I said, I’ll be focusing on the game performance refactoring in August once I’m back from my vacation. What are other people planning to work on?


Part of me does not want to do anything big before all of the large changes on the performance branch get merged. I guess it might be a good time to go after the issue backlogs though and make a ton of small changes. Anything too large will need to be re written.


My personal plans for 0.6.4 is to begin focusing on sprucing up autoevo and our AI. Both need a little bit of love after being neglected for so long. I’m not sure if I am going to be able to make any meaningful changes myself aside from slight tweaks, but I’ll at least chart out changes I suspect can make a difference and work with our programmers to make some headway.
Aside from that, just wrapping up my changes to the nucleus would be nice.

Should I manage to get this all wrapped up well enough, I’ll take a look at how the implementation of our part upgrades is going.

I can’t make any promises on how much I get done, as I’ve recently had very sporadic motivation as of late, combined with a very full schedule. I’ll try my best though!


I’ll likely continue on the upgrade concepts I have been rolling with the past few months. Specifically I will be focusing on figuring out upgrades catered towards internal parts, which means following up on that conversation we’ve had about potentially introducing new compound variants for anaerobic options.

I’ll also follow up more on the non-linear size costs discussion we’ve had, though I’d say concepts there are mature enough to begin prototyping and testing if any programmer is able to pick it up.

From there, I’ll see what else I’ll pick up. I’d assume upgrades still need a good amount of discussion.

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I guess that in the end we didn’t end up with any concrete issues to be added to the release milestone. I’ll put stuff in there as things get done as per the usual.

I forgot to post here but I’ll keep working on the thing that I’m still passionate about and kind of depends on the performance refactor being done anyway which is multiplayer.