Finding stand-ins thread

This thread is for trying to find new people to stand-in for others who are temporarily unavailable to perform some tasks for some time.

I’m making this thread with the slight hope that we’d have someone available for the month of July to try to fill in for me. In terms of team management having someone who would help keep an extra eye out for new people to guide them and also help with reviewing applications would be good and shouldn’t be too hard. Also if someone from the programming team could volunteer to at least take the initial look at any new PRs during July would be great. I hope at least those would be kind of covered.

A harder task, which I’m hopeful that someone would be able to do is volunteering to make at least one BOTD during July to make sure patrons would have something new to play (I can schedule a Patreon post beforehand to go out in middle of July). Of course that is only possible if some actual concrete work is finished (so there’s at least 2 programmers available, as a second person is needed to review the PRs of the other person).

So do we have any volunteers? If we do i can clarify how the process goes and also put those on the dev wiki for future reference. It’s not a disaster if nobody can be found, I hope the patrons will be understanding enough that a company with just one employee can’t really be active while that one person is away on vacation.


I can at the very least guide the new folks when they come in, it’ll just be relatively late in most cases as they seem to consistently join around the time I am at work.

We’ve discussed the possibility of appointing new team leads to bring such much-needed leadership to our bustling sound and graphics teams, so I’ll be looking into our current volunteers to see who is willing to take up the mantle.

Regrettably there’s not much else I can confidently do here without meaningful programming experience of which I have next to none.


We have now promoted Twitchywhalez to act as a team lead for the sound design team, and Kertit to act as a team lead for the graphics design team.

With their help, we should have more actively coordinated efforts in those teams.


I can volunteer for making the BOTD if no one else does.


That would be great.

I just wrote a new wiki page on how BOTDs are made:

Is there anything not clear there?

And just to verify we don’t have any issues, when logged in do you see the button to make this build the BOTD: ThriveDevCenter ? If you do, then there shouldn’t be any major issues.

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Seems good and yes I can see the button.

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That’s excellent. So you’ll be available then. It would be great to have at least one BOTD set before 15th of July, if there is any programming progress to put in there.

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Yeah. I will make a self-reminder, hopefully I won’t forget.

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