Albo - New Sound Designer

I just joined to help out with sound design! I am working on a few different games at the moment, I am trying to build up some skills and a portfolio. My website is in case you are interested in seeing my previous work. I am excited to work on this game! It looks awesome.
I never worked in a forum like this, I’ll try to get my head around it.


Welcome! You have some really nice sound effect work on show, so I’m excited to hear what you can create for Thrive.

We’re particularly in need of sound effects at the moment. The slime jet is one example of a new feature that doesn’t have the right sound yet - let me know if you’re interested in that. Otherwise, feel free to come up with alternative sound effects for those in the game now or that may be in the game in future.

And of course, you’re welcome to work on music if you choose as well. We generally let people create themes for any part of the game, even the far future, so just have fun with it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks man! I’m happy to work on the slime jet. Where can I see assets, animations, etc.?

Here‘s how it looks:

And in this post by Oliver you can see its effect in action during gameplay:

Welcome to the team!

One thing to add, the jet shoots a sugary, gooey substance out of the cell called mucilage. The idea is that the sound should be quick and fast, and sound like a thick liquid being shot out of something. Then once we have some samples, we can edit it to make it sound more watery, or more gooey, more or less explosive, etc.