Improving the current workflow

Instead of another engine switch, let’s discuss how the pain points of the current tech stack could be reduced. Preferably post some reasonable ideas.

Here are some raw ideas from me, which I don’t fully know how plausible they are:

  • Find a tool for exporting materials from blender (or some other tool that allows node based editing) to HLSL that can be loaded by the game. If there isn’t one we could setup some materials with specific configurations that could be slightly edited easily by the graphics team.
  • Add a game state inspector that can be used to look at the state of components in a GameWorld (and maybe edit them). This would likely help with providing people opportunities to learn how the game works
  • Improve documentation: suggest using Linux as the setup on Windows is a bit difficult, create an overview document for roughly where everything is
  • Add an AngelScript debugger to help debugging the scripts