New developer, Game Designer

Hello all! I will be playing the role of Game Design here in Revolutionary Games. My task here is to listen to player feedback and ensure that the game remains fun and accessable to everyone by devising new gameplay features, and revising old ones where neccesary. I hope I prove to be of great use to the team!

Welcome. Unless someone objects, I think we should make a new official “design” or “game design” team.

Unless you have already found a task to start on, you could have a look at this thread:

and make designs to improve thrive based on the feedback. Continuing tjwhale’s legacy we should prioritize issues that improve the game most with the least amount of effort required first. Feel free to talk through some ideas with me to get an idea of how much effort needs to be spent on changing various things.

There’s also a simple task of designing what effects should the different membrane types have:

Once some designs are done we can talk about what to try to go for in the next release:

Some fans were also talking about what to include in the next release:

Thank you! I actually have a document featuring a few concepts based off of the feedback from the Thread, I will have to share the details with you sometime so we can discuss them. I’ll have to look into those membrane types, I remember seeing a discussion thread on that very same topic a little while ago so it’s certainly not an easy issue, I’ll do my best.
After that I suppose I will most definately scan through the future features everyone wants!