0.4.4 Features Discussion Thread

Now with 0.4.3 release out, let’s get started discussing what should be included in the next release.

You can suggest things from: Future Release Plans or something else entirely, but in that case the feature might need more discussing. We can also take cues from feedback on the community forums.

I’m thinking that as I have time over the Christmas break much better than after school starts again, we could have the next release on 5th or 12th of January.

These are things I’d want to work on:

  • Setting up a patreon for me
  • Switching to diligent engine, which is a low level graphics API abstraction, so I’d have to write my own scene handling code, but presumably there is much less to go wrong with it, it would just take me more time to do graphics stuff instead of constantly having to swap away from borked graphics libraries where the author doesn’t fix it.
  • Writing a custom GUI library to replace CEF, I’d like to work on this after the graphics engine change.

So basically I’d have no time to implement actual gameplay features, but I’ll try to answer any issues other developers and potential developers have in trying to implement features: https://community.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/c/dev-help/25


Yeah i think setting a patreon for you will to ensure the future of this proyect. I’ll do some outreach work once is set up, maybe we should make a video announcement and upload it to our chanel.
So we are having another engine change? Is this one easier to work with?
Since this release appears to be smaller than usual there won’t be much new content to be added, so i think we should focus on finishing already implemented features, like the GUI but i dunno how hard that would be so i’d rather not propose anything too ambitious.

In my case, i will contact indie game platforms and advertise Thrive on several subreddits, we already have links for that so that’s a good place to start. I’d like some help from the @Outreach Team on this task.
I also want to update the GDD and add the many ideas and concepts we’ve had on discord, so they aren’t lost.

Nope just the opposite. But just look at the number of people reporting intel crashes:

And a bunch of people complaining about the GUI lagging in the latest version.

hmmm. I am not sure what to focus on at this point. I think expanding on the appearence tab or maybe working towards generated patch maps ?

Perhaps we could work on adding features like saving, an options menu, maybe better hotkeys to pause and such?

Now that we have a new game designer we could focus on making combat more interesting. The new cell walls could protect against different types of damage (toxins and pilus) while also slowing down the cell. One of those walls can even increase the cell’s health so the player has more defensive options.

Giving the player more options to defend themselves from predation will hopefully make the game open to more styles and tactics in survival, so I agree with DonGororo in fully implementing the membrane system. Though it certainly couldn’t hurt to implement the saving system sometime soon.

Edit: Seems alot of feedback coming in on what players want for the next update is pointing to people mainly wanting saving functionality, game settings, and fruther optimization. So perhaps that should be a higher priority than the membranes.

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seeing how far we already are with the membrane additions (isnt it 3 weeks since we released 0.4.3? :smiley: ) i thought maybe, we could start work on organelle specialization? firstly, how exactly it should work and what it should do

What do you mean by organelle specialisation? We should take this to a new thread if there isn’t one for it already.

upgrade system i suppose. for instance having different kinds of pilus and compounds. that kinda stuff. if that makes sense

Oh you meant the upgrades. It seems we don’t have a thread for that. I suppose I’ll make one (low effort one):

I don’t personally have time to debate upgrades now but I’m hoping some people will be able to come up with a grand design for the upgrades.

The system should be mostly defined before deciding to try to implement it, unless some programmer wants to have a go at it before the design is complete.

What does everything think about trying to add an ingame tutorial?
I’ve seen quite a few people confused about some aspects of gameplay, a tutorial might help that.

A quick and simple tutorial to teach players how to move and operate the UI would be a welcome addition. So I believe it aught to be implemented sometime soon.

There’s some nice ideas in this post if your interested in discussing it further sometime.

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And how about cell layout saving (for in freebuild)?
This could let players easily share their creations.

I am planning to work on procedural patch generation (which will factor in planet details).


That would be neat, and would give a little more functionality to freebuild than just being a tool to test cell stage strategies. I’m assuming you would be able to import downloaded cells to use as your own, and perhaps import cells to your world as competitors?

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I have replied to this with: Freebuild Templates

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Some other suggestions I have for things we could consider trying to put in this release:

All but saving would probably need a lot of discussion to settle what we are actually going to put in the game. I did a quick search and didn’t find any threads for anything but endosymbiotic theory.

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I think that all of those, besides saving, still needs a lot of discussion and/or finished designs. Even that endosymbiotic thing needs a design for how do they actually work and if we are going to remove all the eukaryotic organelles to be replaced by them.


Since Gato is adding new things to the patch map, natural disasters would be a nice thing to work on next. I suppose we’d have to discuss what kind of disasters there would be, wether they are scripted or happen due to life (i.e great oxygenation event), how do they affect the player…
Is there a disaster list or a thread about them already?


An important mechanic somewhat in the vein of disasters we could add would be a day/night cycle. Right now autotrophs are pretty powerful due to their unlimited energy production, having periods of no sunlight could force them to either not rely on it, or invest in more production and storage organelles. Storms could also similarly effect lighting.