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Reply here if you’ll be leaving us for a brief period so we know you haven’t simply evaporated.

I’ll be away for the next couple of weeks. I should still be active on the forums, Slack and elsewhere, but I won’t have access to a computer so I can’t compose anything or write long paragraphs.

I’ll be on vacation until the 6th, and to uni after that. I currently have to rely on very poor WiFi, so don’t expect me to be on top of everything, or even minimally useful. See you all soon!

Ey, classes have started and my actual musical contributions to this are going to be pretty rare. I should still be available for some sound design stuff, but college is eating my free time for breakfast.

I’m going backpacking for two weeks starting this Saturday, which means I will have to pause all of the work I am currently doing.

I 'm back in university in two days, and already have assignments to work on, so my time here will likely be sporadic.

We are, however, encouraged to spend as much of our spare time programming as is possible, so there’s that.

I’ve been very busy with my IGCSEs lately, and my free time is only going to shrink more, so I won’t be working on anything for the next 6months or so. If I’ll check in on the forum every now and then, but I won’t be producing anything. Bye guyss

I won’t have internet for the next couple of days, save for possibly brief periods. Hence the sudden flurry of posts.

I’ll be without a PC until Monday from this evening. I’ll still have internet, but won’t really be able to work on anything.

I’ll be without any form of computer for several weeks. Family stuff is taking me out at the knees and Ill see when i can get it back

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I’m leaving on Friday to Utah for a week, then to Amsterdam, and then to Russia, so don’t expect me to be online or with an internet connect until somewhere in July.


Awesome! Have a good time. That trip sounds like it’s getting exponentially more interesting as it goes on. If you extended it then it would have to be Utah, Amsterdam, Russia, Tibet, The Moon.


Pfft, everyone knows you can’t go to the Moon in the Summer. It’s got no atmosphere, so it gets really hot. I’m going in December.


Probably gonna be minimally-available for the next three weeks, as it’s now exam crunch time.

If I’m around too much, yell at me please.

I will be a bit out of the loop for the next week since I’ll have limited internet.

I’m on a big trip to a convention in Utah so I’ll be limited to using my laptop in my limited free time. I should be back in about a week.

I’m off from vacation and tomorrow I’m getting on a long flight, so I won’t be able to reply to any emails or do any work for about a week.

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I’m off for college tomorrow, and as a result, I won’t be able to contribute much/be online for a few months. So if I don’t go online for a week or so, don’t lose me! I’m still a part of the team!

I’m going to try working on the reproduction and health systems on my own, and hopefully I’ll get that done before December.

I’ll also post the organelle sprite version of Thrive with instructions onto the organelle thread sometime this week so that modelers can render their models and see how they look in the game.

Edit: Oh yeah, if you need something from me, just mention me on slack. I should reply fairly soon.


Have a good time :slight_smile: Thanks for all you’ve done this summer.

Not that I’ve come particularly close to finishing my current project, but I won’t be able to work on it for the next week because #midterms. Next weekend I hope to finish the math and by extension the code.

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